The Manor

The manor has approximitely 150 customer places in the summer when the Summer Room is in use.
In winter, there are about 110 customer places.

Yellow hall has approx. 70 customer seats.
The hall windows offer a view to the Lake Kuorasjärvi.

Breakfast hall has approx. 40 customer seats.
From the windows of the hall there is a garden view on the side of the morning sun.

The rooms are connected to each other.
Halls can be rented separately for smaller events and conferences.

There are approx. 40 customer seats in the Summer room.
The facility is in use in summertime and with the help of heaters also well into the fall. During summertime, the windows between the Yellow hall and the Summer room can be removed, so that these spaces are also connected to each other. From Summer room you have access to a large terrace, from where you can admire the sunset behind the lake.

There is a ramp at the main door, so wheelchair access is possible. The mansion also has a disabled toilet.